How to choose best partner among different choices? How relationship counselor will help me in this situation?

Choosing the best partner among different choices can be a complex and personal decision, as it depends on your individual preferences, values, and goals. Here are some steps and considerations to help you make an informed decision more accurate by best relationship counsellor:

Well, I met my Man, Mr.Arnav.., he showed interest on me.Then, and we started chatting through internet. I learnt that he is so much interested in me as he accepted me as such and he said he doesn’t have any problem to live the rest of his life with me.I told my parents about Arnav. They were very impressed and became eager to meet him. I too was longing to meet him for the first time.Few months later, he travelled down to my place and met my parents. I was feeling so happy inside that I have found a man for my life. I felt butterflies tingling in my tummy. No words could explain my happiness.He told my father that he likes his daughter and willing to marry her. My parents were speech less with this young man and my father asked why he did like his daughter? He said nothing. ( He doesn’t have an answer for this even now).My parents travelled to his place and spoke with his parents regarding this issue. Initially they were hesitant to accept me. But after watching that Arnavi very firm with his decision, they also accepted.Me and Arnav were very open and discussed about all our life plans with each other. For everything these kind words from him made me so impressed and made me fall in love over him again and again.We got married and it was the unforgettable day of my life and we started our new journey by joining our hands together to face the world. We decided that people should consider us as a role model in their lives.We looked at all the positive things with each other. We never gave space for any negative thoughts. In this all situation I took ore marriage counselling through sanjeevani relationship counselling they suggested me best of my life, thankful to team sanjeevani


  1. Self-awareness: Understand your own values, goals, and what you’re looking for in a partner. What qualities, interests, and values are most important to you in a relationship? Consider what you want in the short and long term.
  2. Compatibility: Evaluate how well you and each potential partner align in terms of values, interests, and long-term goals. Compatibility is essential for a successful and lasting relationship with best couple counselor.
  3. Communication: Good communication is crucial in any relationship. Pay attention to how well you can communicate with each potential partner. Are you able to express your thoughts and feelings effectively? Do you feel heard and understood by them?
  4. Trust and respect: Trust and respect are the foundation of a healthy relationship. Assess how much trust and respect you have for each potential partner and whether they reciprocate those feelings.
  5. Emotional and physical attraction: Attraction plays a role in romantic relationships. Consider your emotional and physical attraction to each potential partner. However, remember that attraction alone is not enough to sustain a long-term relationship.
  6. Red flags: Be aware of any red flags or warning signs in the potential partner’s behaviour or character. These could include unhealthy communication patterns, dishonesty, controlling behaviour, or disrespect.
  7. Compatibility with lifestyle: Consider whether each potential partner’s lifestyle, including their family, career, and future plans, aligns with your own.

A relationship counsellor or therapist can be a valuable resource in this situation. They can offer guidance and support in the following ways:

  1. Objectivity: A relationship counsellor can provide an objective perspective and help you see your options more clearly.
  2. Communication skills: They can teach you effective communication skills, which are essential for building healthy relationships.
  3. Conflict resolution: A counselor can help you and your partner(s) work through conflicts and challenges in a constructive manner.
  4. Clarifying values and goals: A counselor can assist you in exploring your values and long-term goals, helping you make choices that align with your desires and values.
  5. Pre-marital counseling: If you’re considering marriage, pre-marital counseling can help you and your partner(s) understand each other better and address potential issues before tying the knot.

It’s a highly individual decision, and a relationship counselor can help guide you in the process, but the ultimate choice should align with your own values and desires.

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