Who are some good psychologists in Jaipur?

Sanjeevani Relationship Counselling is a team of life counselors/ psychologists/ philosophers/ authors/ senior retired judicial officers/experienced educationists/ lawyers (matrimonial counselors)/ senior medical & health professionals who have work experience with UNO. sanjeevani is a well-known and respected Life Counselor/Life Coach/Happiness coach/ Mentor/Teacher/Psychologist/Author/ marriage counsellor,relationship counsellor, Philosopher and career platform and columnist in India. All types of counselling are passion. Till now we has done more than 1, 00,000 counselling (Life/Relationship/Pre Marriage/Post Marriage/psychological/family /Personal). Sanjeevani has a certified Dermatoglyphics expert by Marcus Leng (Malaysia) from The International Institute of Holistic Minds.he is popular among school students, engineers, doctors, job seekers, graduates, private sector employees, married couple who are always curious to take an appointment with our organisation. We are expert in understanding any one’s problem with heart and providing practical solution upon their souls. We are a Holistic Healer/Life Coach of a person .we are Reiki & Spiritual/Psychology Healer of any problem in life. MBA (H.A).sanjeevani is most popular relationship counselor and life coach among youth and mid-life people also. Sanjeevani has been working as a relationship counselor with different National Print Media/ National Electronic Media like All India Radio, FM Radio, TV, Zee Maudhara channel etc.

Sanjeevani’s Specialization

Relationship Issues, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Couple Counseling, Sexual Issues, Suicidal Ideation, Grief & Loss, OCD, Sleep Issues, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Family Therapy, Self-Harm, Body Image, Self Confidence, Anger, Phobia, Child Counseling, Marital Discord .you can book an appointment with sanjeevani(guidemylife.in), a leading psychological care and counselling platform. People visit the website for different kinds of psychological requirements. You can find specialists for different psychological problems at his webpage guidemylife.in.Schedule an appointment if you want to consult a professional marriage counsellor atguidemylife.in. The platform most successful and eminent psychology experts help their patients overcome psychological barriers and enjoy a happier life.

  • Mehta

Dr. Mehta’s Consultant Psychologist clinic is another popular destination for people requiring psychological guidance to protect their marriages. Dr. Mehta is a certified relationship counselor with many years of experience in this field. Her clinic has grown quickly in a short span, and people can find diverse psychological advice and assistance. The clinic features multiple psychological experts, including dr.Mehta. You can schedule an appointment depending on your requirements and visit the clinic with your spouse for marriage counseling services.

  • Srivastava

Dr. Srivastava, bagging more than 15 years of marriage counselor experience, has completed a Ph.D. in Psychology. Her clinic is a popular destination for many young couples who face relationship issues. You can visit her clinic before or after marriage to make your marital life more enjoyable.

  • Arya

Ayurveda is the specialization of Dr. Arya, who is available in his clinic for various physical and mental healing services. Since he is an Ayurveda specialist, his techniques and approaches to marriage counseling are a little different from orthodox marriage counseling. Dr. Arya possesses 13 years of experience in marriage counseling service.

  • Prasad

After completing Psychiatry MBBS, Dr. Prasad works as a marriage counselor. You can visit his clinic if you are looking for the best psychologist in Gurgaon. Dr. Prasad has more than six years of experience in marriage counseling.

  • Aswani

Dr Aswani has 22 years of experience working as a marriage counselor in India. People living can book an appointment at his Clinic,. Though marriage counseling is his specialization, he additionally offers counseling for depression and anxiety management. Alcohol addiction can often become a reason behind a failed marriage, and Dr Aswani offers alcohol addiction treatment through mental counseling.

  • Mr Singh

Rajesh Singh has worked as a marriage counselor for more than 25 years. His deep insight in this field has helped many couples to prevent divorces. You can contact him and visit his clinic to obtain top-quality marriage counseling.

  • Kapoor

Dr. Kapoor has years of experience in delivering marriage and family counseling services. His quality counseling service has helped many families to settle their internal issues and find peace and happiness. You can schedule an appointment at his clinic.

  • Khanna

Dr. Khanna is a well-known marriage counselor. She has excellent knowledge in this field, as she completed Ph.D. in celebrity psychology. She has successfully helped over twenty thousand people settle their marital disputes and live happily. In 2018, she received India’s Best Marriage Counselor award.

You can find many experienced and certified marriage counselors. People can visit the Centre for a seamless marriage counseling service from experienced and skilled psychology experts.

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