Addressing Sex Addiction in Modern Society And Breaking Societal Taboo With Sanjeevani

Issues related to sex and intimacy are becoming increasingly common including sex addiction. It’s high time now that people openly address these issues and come to the front if they find themselves struggling with it. According to the finest centre for sex therapy in India, although sex addiction is a prevailing challenge in the world, it still remains to be frowned upon and surrounded by shame. However, at Sanjeevani, we understand the struggles that are accompanied with this condition and our finest top rated counselors in India who are experts and specialised in sex addiction counselling offer their compassionate and professional support to everyone fighting with it. Our online sex counselling helps those in need make their way out of the addiction spiral.
Understanding Sex Addiction With Sanjeevani

According to the best sex therapist Delhi at Sanjeevani, sex addiction is not just as simple as the lack of willpower to control their sexual tendencies but it goes deeper into the complex physiological and neurological aspects of the condition. Sex addiction is a condition in which the person has compulsive sexual behaviour or hypersexuality. As per the team of certified counselors and therapists India, it can also be defined as an uncontrollable urge to engage into sexual activities despite the negative effects of it. Sex addiction can manifest into various forms like compulsive masturbations, excessively indulging in pornography, or even multiple sexual partners.

One of the factors that holds back individuals suffering with sex addiction is the shame and stigma that surrounds this topic. Many of those suffering feel ashamed as well as embarrassed to come forward and seek help without the fear of being looked upon or judged. As the best sex therapist in India, Sanjeevani has a mission to create a safe, secure, and a judgement free space for everyone struggling to come, seek support and guidance to fight the addiction. We as a team are aimed towards breaking the taboos associated with addiction and helping those in need to revive their meaning of life.
Providing Support and Guidance at Sanjeevani

Sanjeevani specialized counseling services India has a team of specialised counsellors with over 20 years of experience. Our team has dedicated counsellors and therapists for diverse psychological and emotional challenges, helping individuals as well as families lead emotionally and mentally healthier and fulfilling lives. Our best sex therapist in Mumbai works closely with you to understand your concerns and address them through a carefully designed treatment plan that is tailored to aim for the cause. We utilise individual theraises, couple counselling, as well as referral programs to help you through your addiction journey.
Empowering Individuals and Couples

As the best sex counsellors in India, our role is to help and support those suffering, take control of their lives and make impactful changes. We help people recover from sex addiction with courage and resilience. Sanjeevani’s team aims towards heals through counselling, education as well as offering practical tools and strategies to overcome the addiction. Sanjeevani is one of the most trusted counseling centers in India that helps its clients develop healthy coping mechanisms, improve their self esteem, as well as rebuild trust and intimacy into their relationships.

Sex addiction has far fetched impacts on the family as well as the partner of those with addiction. At Sanjeevani, our team of best sex therapists in Bangalore helps address the impacts of sex addiction on your relationships and overall improve the quality of your life. We help you restart your life with a better mindset by developing better communication skills, rebuilding trust, as well as establishing healthy boundaries. Our specialised sex addiction counselling services help couples as well as individuals navigate through the complexities of addiction and strengthen their bond.

Breaking the taboos that surround sex addiction can be a really tough journey but with Sanjeevani, difficult is always possible. Our certified counselors and therapists India are the most compassionate and experienced in what they do thus they help empower individuals. We help you overcome sex addiction and lead a psychologically healthy and fulfilling lives. If you know someone who is struggling with sex addiction and you might think that a little support and guidance can help them, our best sex therapist in India are always there for them with their specialized counselling services and compassionate support.

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