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A fulfilling and healthy marriage can be a source of immense joy, contentment, and togetherness. It can add value to your life while enriching it even for those connected with you including your family. However, on the other hand, a distressed and problematic marriage can cause significant pain in your life that might also cause severe suffering.

A marriage where patterns of mistrust, infidelity, violence, as well as emotional suffering, are witnessed can be a source of great trauma and pain for the partner. Also, in non-violent marriages, when a feeling of hopelessness and lack of love and respect takes over, staying together can become a distressing situation; however, a few couples choose to remain together just for the sake of their children. However, both conditions lead to emotional turmoil manifesting incomparable suffering and pain in the lives of couples.

It is important to understand that even if you have tried everything to rekindle love and resolve the conflict and can’t find your marriage to work, it is best to seek guidance from a specialized marriage counsellor. You must understand that it is important to properly identify the core of the conflict which is the only way to resolve the marital problems.

At Sanjeevani, a marriage counselling center where Dr. Pradeep Kumar, a certified relationship counsellor and life coach offers his expert support and guidance helping couples resolve conflicts and heal from their relationship problems. Our specialized marriage counsellor, Dr. Kumar with numerous years of experience helps couples navigate through tough relationship issues and rejuvenate their bond with their partners through his professional support.

How Can Dr. Kumar, An Expert Marriage Counselor Help You?

Dr. Kumar is one of India’s most reputed marriage counsellors with extensive experience in transforming the lives of many couples by helping them resolve marriage conflicts. His impressive track record of satisfied clients is a testament to his great work. He is a certified marriage counselor with a compassionate approach and practical strategies making him a trusted guide in resolving marital problems.

Dr. Kumar is a certified marriage counselor with knowledge of various therapeutic techniques like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, as well as Neuro-linguistic Programming. He has also worked as a relationship counsellor with different National Print Media/ National Electronic Media like All India Radio, FM Radio, TV, Zee Maudhara channel, etc. Under his supreme mentorship at Sanjeevani, this online marriage counseling platform ensures to offer you the highest quality care and support.

Benefits of Counseling with Dr. Kumar

Professional Support Under One of India’s Finest and Most Trusted Relationship Counsellor

At Sanjeevani, we promise to offer our expert support and guidance to help you. Under the personal guidance of Dr. Kumar throughout the therapy journey, he guides you to improve relationship with your partner through research-based interventions and therapy.

Improved Communication and Conflict Resolution

One of the most common marriage problems is a lack of effective communication. To address the issues constructively, couples need to communicate effectively. Thus, our certified marriage counsellor Dr. Kumar helps couples improve their communication skills which is a key to resolving conflicts.

Reignite Love and Intimacy in Marriage

The absence of love and intimacy in a relationship can take a toll on the marriage. We understand that the honeymoon phase of the marriage does not last forever however the absence of love and intimacy is not something usual but a concern that can even lead to divorce. Thus, our online marriage counselling helps couples foster a deeper connection and reignite love, passion, and intimacy.

Respect and Trust Restoration

Trust and respect are an integral part of any kind of relationship, especially marriage. However, losing trust and respect for your partner can lead to major relationship problems. We help couples identify the root cause of distrust and disrespect and guide them towards rebuilding these essential pillars back into their relationship.

A Safe and Confidential Space We at Sanjeevani offer you a safe and confidential space where you can freely discuss your problems and challenges and how to resolve them. Our certified marriage counsellor and life coach, Dr. Kumar works with you to help you resolve marital issues and lead a happier life with your partner.

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