Marriage Counseling: A Comprehensive Guide of Its Definition and Efficacy

One of the efficient forms of psychotherapy, couple therapy also known as marriage counseling is a transformative way to resolve conflicts and improve relationships. This process involves assessment and counselling sessions with a certified therapist. The therapist specializes in enhancing relationships through focusing on communication, building emotional intimacy, and conflict resolution.

Sanjeevani, one of India’s finest and most renowned therapy centers believes in the transformative power of couples therapy. Our licensed therapist and life coach, Dr. Kumar is an expert with multiple years of expertise in helping couples navigate through relationship issues and rediscovering love and joy in marriage. He holds an impressive track record in improving the marriages of many couples struggling through his research-based therapies and counseling.

The Goals of Marriage Counselling

Improving Communication Between The Partners

At Sanjeevani, one of our primary goals with our marriage counseling online is to enhance communication between the partners. Poor communication in a relationship can give rise to major issues including misunderstandings which might further lead to conflicts and fights. Thus, through our specialized counselling sessions, we work with our clients helping them express themselves better with efficiency leading to better communication between the couple.

Resolving Conflicts a Better Way

It is natural for a relationship to face certain ups and downs however, the core of a marriage is distressed if certain conflicts and misunderstandings are left unresolved. In such conditions, the couple may need marriage counselling to address the unresolved conflicts more constructively under the guidance of an expert marriage counsellor.

Rebuilding Trust, A Prerequisite to Marital Harmony

To maintain any healthy relationship, both partners need to have trust in each other. Certain outbreaks like betrayal, infidelity, or even minor breaches can cause great damage to the marital bond. Thus, seeking guidance from any expert marriage counselors from Sanjeevani can help couples rebuild the lost trust and further strengthen their bond.

Enhancing Emotional Intimacy On a Deeper Level

For a fulfilling and healthy marital bond, both partners need to have great emotional intimacy. A deeper level of bonding or connection with your partner is what we call emotional intimacy. At Sanjeevani, our expert marriage counsellors help couples foster a deeper and stronger bond through online marriage counselling.

The Process of Marriage Counselling at Sanjeevani

Initial Assessment

At Sanjeevani, your journey towards a healthier and happier marriage begins with an initial consultation with our experts. Through a detailed discussion, we gather information about your relationship history, your problems, as well as your goals with couples therapy. This information assists our specialized therapist in designing your counselling plan according to your specific requirements.

Regular Sessions

Maintaining Sanjeevani as the best marriage counseling India online, we ensure to conduct regular therapy sessions for our clients. The frequency of the sessions highly depends on the extremity of your marital issues. During these online marriage therapy sessions, our marriage counselor facilitates discussions, offers insights, as well as helps you learn practical skills that aid in enhancing the marital bond with the partner.

Homework Assignments

Furthermore, to ensure that you benefit from our sessions, we reinforce the lessons learned in therapy into real-life assignments. These tasks help couples practice new communication techniques, resolve conflicts as well as develop deeper emotional intimacy.

Efficacy of Marriage Counselling

Multiple pieces of research indicate the efficacy of marriage counseling in improving marital bonds by fostering a happier and more sustainable bond. Also, reports suggest that many couples have experienced an improvement in communication as well as relationship satisfaction post counselling. Marriage counselling has proved to be highly effective in improving marriages in India as well as all across the globe.

Furthermore, marriage counseling online not only solves temporary relationship issues but also equips the couple to handle any future conflicts and challenges. This helps couples maintain a healthier, happier, as well as a more satisfying marriage even after the end of the therapy.

When to Seek Marriage Counselling

Early Signs of Trouble

It is best to seek support from a marriage counsellor online as soon as you notice the signs of trouble. Certain issues like communication breakdowns, frequent arguments, or emotional distance may escalate with time if left unresolved. Early intervention can help resolve major issues in no time.

Major Life Transitions

As you and your partner move through life, you go through various changes that might put a strain on your bond. Marriage counseling can help you navigate through those changes and adjust to them smoothly.

Chronic Issues

If you and your partner have been struggling with your marriage for a long time with persistent challenges, it might be best to get in touch with a marriage counselor. Sanjeevani can help you find the core of issues and address them with a better perspective.

The Sanjeevani Approach

At Sanjeevani, the center for best marriage counseling India, you find the finest team of therapists and counsellors who work with you to ensure a compassionate and nonjudgemental approach. Our specialized marriage counsellor and life coach, Dr. Kumar combines evidence-based techniques with his experience to help you and your partner build a healthier and more fulfilling marriage. We at Sanjeevani are passionate about helping couples make their marriages work and restore love, happiness, and joy into their bond.

It is your time to take the first step. Get in touch with us and we will be there for you.

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