I have completely understood all the method/procedure/advice regarding my Relationship/Pre Marriage/Post Marriage/Behavior/Psychological/Family Counselling/Therapy. I have also known that it is only advisory method. I understood it is vast experience based procedure. I know it is a open mind procedure, it works in a positive way if we follow all these procedures and advise in a given manner. I also know it does not provide in any form of guarantee. In any form it is not a medical treatment, it is a positive mental health program only. This counselling is a one time procedure further any query/guidance/counselling would depends upon availability of time (complementary only). I am also assured that our discussion is highly confidential for forever. Our discussion with counsellor is not recorded in any form. I am depositing my counselling fees after knowing all the facts about counselling, in a sound mind state. I know fees deposited once will not be refunded in any case. any dispute India Jurisdiction will be final.

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