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Marriage and divorce are two of life’s most significant events. The primary distinction is that divorce may be incredibly unpleasant for everyone involved. Our divorce counsellor can help you get through this difficult and uncertain period by giving you the insights you need to move on in a healthy and positive way. They can also show you how to resume a satisfying post-divorce life while minimising the impact on your children. They can also assist you in better understanding why your relationship failed so that you do not make the same mistakes again.

Couples often consult marriage counsellors when they want an amicable solution to their problems. But there are times when the relationship might have sunk so low that they are beyond repair. In such cases, divorce is the only option.

Getting divorced is one of the biggest life decisions that you will ever make. It’s as monumental as the decision to marry someone but a lot more painful. Divorce can & will have a profound impact on you, your children’s & your family’s life. The volume of legal processes, emotional trauma & other settlements can drain you emotionally & mentally.

Thankfully, there are divorce counsellors like Sanjeevani who help couples during their divorce process. These divorce counselling experts know the troubles couples undergo during this period & are here to help them cope better with the truth. But what exactly is divorce counselling? How does divorce counselling help? Let’s understand.

What is Divorce Counselling?

Divorce counselling is scientifically designed psychotherapy that helps couples to manage their divorce in a better way. It helps them identify, accept & resolve various conflicts arising during the divorce procedure. Divorce therapy helps couples talk about their feelings & challenges. It gives a better space to talk more about divorce & the post-divorce life.

Divorce Counselling is of two types:

  1. Pre-divorce counselling

As the name suggests, this is a therapy couples prefer before getting divorced. It helps them understand the views of their partners & their issues regarding this life-changing decision. Our pre-divorce counselling helps you understand all the legal complexities & changes that you will encounter during & after the divorce.

Our pre-divorce counselling experts can also make a last-ditch effort to save your marriage. They can help you understand your problems & offer a possible solution if both of you agree.

  1. Post-divorce counselling

Almost every couple experience a lot of trauma, grief & sadness after divorce. As it is a very big decision in your life, it will surely have some impact on your life. Post-divorce counselling helps you cope with these emotions. Our post-divorce counselling experts also guide you to live a better & happier life after the divorce.

Post-divorce counselling deploys various techniques that can boost your self-esteem & confidence to lead your post-divorce life much better. Our professionals will help you understand & re-discover your self-identity & embrace a happy life.

Why do you need Divorce Counselling?

Divorce is a life-changing, traumatic & painful experience. So it needs to be dealt with professionally to avoid any more pain. Especially if you have kids, it is important to ensure the divorce remains civilized. You do not want to hurt your kids about your divorce. Your divorce will also impact them emotionally. So it is important to ensure they do not have to see you dealing with the bitter fight.

Moreover, divorce counselling helps you explore how life will look after the divorce. No matter how hard you try, divorce will leave a bitter, sad & damaging impact on your life. You need to undergo a healing process to repair these damages & trauma. Divorce counselling is a way to do so.,

Apart from this, divorce counsellors also help you understand your problems, the root cause of your fighting & the lasting impact of your divorce decision. They offer you an open space to talk more about your relationship issues. This might help you save your relationship or at least a final chance to try.

How does Divorce Counselling work?

At Sanjeevani, we have certified divorce counselling experts with years of experience. They have a deep understanding of the emotions & struggles people undergo during the divorce. So when you arrange a session with them, they start from the beginning.

They offer you space & encourage both of you to talk about your relationship issues & why are you taking a divorce. Talking is a great way to solve many conflicts. It’s possible that you might be able to solve your issues by talking.

And even if divorce counsellors can’t save your marriage, they will help you prepare for the tough road ahead. Divorce counselling ensures you get through the process as quickly as possible to eliminate unnecessary stress.

How to know if you need Divorce Therapy?

Here are some signs that show you need Divorce therapy.

  • You are feeling too sad, lonely & disturbed.
  • You often undergo depression in your post-divorce life
  • You feel anger, sadness, confusion & distraught
  • You feel isolated emotionally or socially
  • You constantly loathe yourself for the divorce
  • You want to protect your children from unnecessary trauma
  • You struggle with insomnia
  • You experience suicidal tendencies
  • You feel too much anxiety
  • You constantly feel worried about the decision you are about to make.

How can we help?

Sanjeevani is India’s only DMIT-certified divorce counselling expert. We have developed a scientific process to help couples deal with pre & post-divorce issues. Everything we do at Sanjeevani is backed by years of experience & testing.

Our divorce therapy is based on extensive research done by psychiatrists, specialists, relationship experts & doctors. We help couples mitigate the emotional impact of their divorce in their personal lives.

In short, we will help you stay strong & end your relationship most amicably. We will also make a final effort to save your relationship if both of you want it to be saved.

So don’t put up with all the stress; call us & book your appointment now.


1. Can Divorce Counselling save my marriage?

Divorce counselling is generally for someone who has decided to get divorced or is already divorced. But if your partner & you want to save your marriage, a divorce counsellor can help.

2. How effective are divorce counsellors?

Divorce counsellors are very effective if you choose the right one. E.g. at Sanjeevani, we have a great track record of helping hundreds of couples deal with their divorce issues.

3. Do I need my ex-partner for divorce counselling?

Not necessary. If you are the one who is facing issues, only you need to visit a divorce counsellor.

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