Family Relationship Counselling

Family therapy is intended to assist families in working together to solve family difficulties. Treatment is frequently brief, and most family therapy models aim to address the family’s communication methods and any specific ones that may be compromising the family system’s cohesiveness. Family issues do not have to be severe in order to necessitate therapy. Families that work with our therapists should expect to learn to better understand one another, converse more clearly, and work proactively to interrupt destructive behaviors.

Life is a rollercoaster of emotions, thoughts, good & bad experiences, and struggles. Sometimes it becomes difficult to manage all the stress, baggage & family responsibilities. Such difficulties can damage the bonding of a family, resulting in constant fights.

In such cases, family counselling can prove to be of great help. When you live with people under the same roof for years, sometimes the friction is bound to happen. But it’s important to end this friction immediately instead of letting it manifest in a big fight. In such cases, family counselling can prove to be of great help.

And even if there are no disputes, family counselling is the best way to understand what your family members think and how you can keep up the family boding tight. But what exactly is family counselling? Does it really help solve family issues? Is family counselling really helpful? Let’s find out.

What is Family Counselling?

Family Counselling is Psychotherapy used to help any family struggling due to some family issues. This therapy is extremely helpful for married couples too. This treatment can prove very helpful for the families to navigate through the difficult times & cope with their problems.

Family therapy results from years of extensive research performed by psychiatrists, relationship experts & doctors. After decades of experimentation, the current family therapy that emerged is full-proof, very efficient & useful for the families coping with troubles.

Family is imparted by certified health counsellors, like the ones we have at Sanjeevani. These experts have a deeper understanding of the family problems & they know how to help such families. Family counselling is a proven method that has helped save thousands of families from breaking apart.

How Family Counselling works?

The first step for Family Counselling is to register your appointment with us. On the date & time of the appointment, we will arrange a one to one & joint session with our family counselling experts. The first step is to open up about yourself and your family life & the same goes for your family members. Our counsellors will offer an open space so you can talk freely about everything & anything that is bothering you.

The next step is to understand what issues you are going through. Our experts will encourage you to share more about the issues that you are facing. This will be done in the presence of family members. Such conversations improve communication & help the family members talk more about what’s bothering them. Talking is the only thing that can help sort out these issues.

Moreover, these sessions will help you establish a strong bond with your family members by bridging the gap. In short, Family counselling is all about sorting all the issues via talks. And talking is what our best family counsellors promote.

What are the benefits of Family counselling?

Family Counselling is not a magic wand that will help you make your problems disappear suddenly. Instead, it will help your family members discuss the issues that are bothering them & ultimately solve the problem.

Apart from this, here are the benefits of taking Family Counselling.

  • It can help reunite the family after a fight.
  • It helps create an environment of trust by bridging the communication gap
  • Family Counselling offers an opportunity for the members to be more open with each other
  • It can help build an honest relationship in the family
  • Regular Family therapy sessions can be very effective in reducing stress
  • It helps improve communication & solve conflicts.
  • It helps you understand your family members in a much better way
  • It helps family members understand boundaries, resulting in healthier relations.
  • It helps family members reduce conflict & control their emotions in case the conflict arises.
  • Reduce the friction arising due to the generation gap
  • It can help reunite family members that have been separated due to some issues.

Family counselling is a great way to help save families from falling apart. Whether you are living in a joint family or a Nuclear family, Family Counselling is always beneficial.

How to find the best Family Counsellor near you?

There are thousands of individuals who claim to be the best Family Counsellors. But how do you identify the right one? Here are some points to focus on before choosing your Family Counsellor.

  • Certification & Qualification

Only a certified family counsellor can help sort out your family issues. Taking help from someone without any qualifications can do more harm than good. So always choose a certified counsellor like Sanjeevani.

  • Experience

In Family Counselling, experience is the key. If your expert has already helped thousands of couples, just like Sanjeevani, they are an obvious choice.

  • Number of Sessions

A more number of sessions means you get more time & space to talk about your issues. So before you finalize your therapist, don’t forget to inquire about the number of sessions they will provide.

How can we help?

Sanjeevani is the only DMIT-certified family counselling expert. We have extensive experience in handling & helping thousands of family members with their counselling needs. We deploy scientifically proven methods & our years of expertise in the field to help families like yours cop with any issue.

All our methods and strategies are developed based on years of research by industry experts. So we can assure you definitive results every time you visit us.

So don’t wait anymore. Don’t let the situation go out of your hands. Talk to us right away & book your appointment.


1. What happens in family counselling?

During the counselling, our experts will encourage you to talk & sort out all the family issues in an amicable manner. We will give you space to talk about your problems.

2. Do all family members have to come to the sessions?

Not necessary. You only need the members who want to talk about their issues & solve the problems.

3. Is family counselling scientific?

Yes. Our family counselling sessions are based on the scientific studies and research years by psychologists & psychiatrists.

4. Is family counselling really helpful?

Our family counselling has helped hundreds of families solve their issues & come closer. So we are confident that it will help you too.

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