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Best Marriage and Relationship Counsellor in India

Life – a roller coaster ride filled with its share of happy and sad moments. It’s a gift we all get once and thus, it becomes our responsibility to make the most of it.

We have all felt stuck, desolated, alone, or in stress at any point in our lives. It is common and perfectly natural to feel so because every emotion has its place and time in life. Feeling mixed emotions is not the end of the road, but a part of the journey called life.

Thus, one should not feel ashamed or dejected but work towards resolving them with awareness and knowledge to lead a more fulfilled, enriching life filled with balance and inner strength.

In the modern day and age, it can get difficult to find someone who can listen, understand and guide you towards solutions. This is where expert counselling comes into the picture.

With the help and advice of professional counsellors, anyone can overcome difficult situations, manage uncomfortable emotions and get back on a path to happiness and positivity.

At GuideMyLife, we help people in getting access to the best counsellors and trained life professionals. Through our platform, people can connect with expert counsellors online in India to resolve a host of problems and concerns, such as – marriage counselling, career counselling,

The benefits of counselling are immense and it is a healthy way to reduce conflict, resolve disputes, achieve mental health and make the right decisions in life. Whether for yourself or for your partner, or children, online counselling in India is the best way to discover the bright possibilities in life.

Whether you need therapy or advice, you can resolve complicated problems and concerns easily with the online counselling services from GuideMyLife.

We specialize in healing through trust and patience so you can leave a happy, and fulfilled life.

Sanjeevani Relationship Counselling
Best Online Relationship Consultation
Relationship Counselling Online

Marriage Counseling

Choosing a life partner is no easy task, especially as it’s one of the most important decisions one has to make in life.

Depression Counselling Online

Depression Counselling

Depression is the leading cause of disability. The signs and symptoms of depression differ from individual to individual.

Sanjeevani Marriage Counselling

Relationship Counseling

Being in love is a beautiful feeling and a special part of everyone’s life. Every relationship comes with its share of good and bad surprises on the journey.

Pre-Marriage Counselling

Pre-Marriage Counselling

Premarital counselling therapy aids in mentally preparing couples for marriage.

Parenting Counselling

Parenting Counselling

Parenting could be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. However, it can be challenging and time-consuming.

Child Counseling

Post-Marriage Counselling

Sessions with you and your spouse, sometimes together, sometimes separately, are part of post-marriage counselling.

Best Online Marriage Counselling India

Best Online Therapy and Counselling Platform where you can connect with Top Psychologists in India. We assure top Best Mental Health Therapists. Certified and Verified Experts.

The best ones typically possess the following qualities: Sanjeevani provides Qualified and Licensed Therapists: sanjeevani provides the platform that has a team of qualified and licensed therapists with expertise in various areas of mental health. About our Range of Services: sanjeevani Look for platforms that offer a wide range of therapy and counselling services to cater to different needs, such as individual therapy, couples counselling, family therapy, and specialized therapy for specific mental health conditions.

We have User-Friendly Interface:

sanjeevani provides a user-friendly online platform with an intuitive interface makes it easy for clients to navigate, schedule appointments, and communicate with India’s top most therapists.

Relationship Counselling Online
Relationship Counsellor

Consult Best Marriage Counsellor Online

Sanjeevani assess the features and functionality of the online counselling platform. We Ensure, offers secure and private communication channels, easy appointment scheduling, and convenient payment option. Depending on your specific concerns, we consider whether you would benefit from a counsellor with expertise in a particular approach or modality, such as Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), sanjeevani pre and post marriage counselling organization Check the counsellor’s availability and scheduling options to ensure they can accommodate your preferred session times and frequency. Additionally, consider their responsiveness and willingness to address your questions or concerns.


sanjeevani take care of your Privacy and confidentiality is crucial in therapy. The platform should have robust security measures in place to protect client information and ensure secure communication.

Our on time Flexible Scheduling: sanjeevani provides a good platform should offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate clients’ availability, allowing them to book sessions at convenient and demanded time schedule.

Explore Our Multiple Communication Channels: sanjeevani provides Look for platforms that offer various communication channels, such as video calls, audio calls, and messaging, providing clients with flexibility in how we engage with our therapists.

Our Multilingual Support towards you: sanjeevani considering India’s linguistic diversity, a platform that offers therapy in multiple languages can be beneficial for clients who are more comfortable communicating in their native language.

India’s top , premium and best online pre and post marriage Transparent Pricing: we provides Clear and transparent pricing models, including session rates, package options, and any additional fees, help clients understand the cost of therapy upfront.

We provide Support and Resources to you: sanjeevani provides a reliable platform may provide additional resources like self-help materials, articles, or access to support groups, enhancing the overall therapeutic experience.

We post immediately our Users Reviews and Feedbacks on instagram, facebook our website, twitter, etc…:

sanjeevani Check user reviews and feedback to gauge the platform’s reputation and the experiences of previous clients, another reason why we are on India’s best online marriage platform.

It is time to Reclaim Your Inner Harmony Consult with the Top Psychologists and online marriage Counsellors for your emotional issues WITHIN 30 MINUTES. Feel free to start your online therapy and counseling now onwards. Talk to a therapist over Chat, Phone Call/Video Call. Trusted by 20000 + Clients. Sanjeevani is the best online psychologist consultation platform in India.

Book Your Online Therapy now at sanjeevani.

How India’s best online marriage counselling reclaims your inner harmony    
let’s focus on self-reflection through us:(sanjeevani)

Take time to understand yourself better. Reflect on your values, priorities, and the things that bring you joy. Identify any areas of your life that may be causing imbalance or discord. Mindfulness and meditation: Practice being present in the moment and cultivating a sense of inner calm through mindfulness and meditation. Set aside dedicated time each day to focus on your breath, observe your thoughts, and cultivate a sense of inner peace. Establish your personal boundaries our senior most counsellor Dr. kumar explains…!!! Learn to set healthy boundaries in your personal and professional relationships. Prioritize your own well-being and don’t hesitate to say no to things that drain your energy or compromise your inner harmony. Nourish your body and mind with India’s best counselling marriage sites: Take care of your physical and mental well-being. Engage in regular exercise, eat nutritious food, and get enough sleep. Engaging in activities that bring you joy and relaxation, such as hobbies or spending time in nature, can also contribute to inner harmony.

Relationship Counselling
Sanjeevani Relationship Counselling


Practice self-care sometime is essential contact us for more. Make self-care a priority in your daily routine. Engage in activities that rejuvenate and replenish your energy, such as taking a warm bath, reading a book, practicing yoga, or spending quality time with loved ones.

Let go of negative thoughts, emotions, and toxic relationships. Surround yourself with positive influences and engage in practices like journaling or therapy to process and release any emotional baggage that may be holding you back.

Seek support of India’s best pre and post marriage counselling platform: Don’t hesitate to reach out for support if you’re feeling overwhelmed. This could be from friends, family, or a professional counselor or therapist who can provide guidance and help you navigate challenges on your journey to inner harmony.

Remember, reclaiming inner harmony is an ongoing process that requires self-awareness and consistent effort. Be patient with yourself and celebrate small victories along the way.

How we take care of your mental health and your endless precious relationship?

Top counsellors of India’s most premium organisation sanjeevani take care of your mental health by employing various strategies and approaches. Here are some ways we do so:

Our team of psychologists active listening skills: We actively listen to your concerns and provide a supportive space for you to express your thoughts and emotions. This helps them gain a deeper understanding of your experiences and challenges.

We do Individualized approach on your behaviour: India’s Top counselors recognize that each person is unique, and they tailor their approach to meet your specific needs. They create personalized treatment plans and interventions that address your specific goals and circumstances.

Evidence-based techniques: They utilize evidence-based therapeutic techniques and interventions that have been proven effective in treating various mental health issues. These techniques may include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based approaches, trauma-focused therapy, and more.

One more super quality of India’s best online marriage counsellor is to keep or maintain Confidentiality: Maintaining strict confidentiality is crucial in counseling. Our Top counselors prioritize your privacy and ensure that your personal information and sessions are kept confidential, creating a safe and trusting environment.

We also take care of Empowerment and collaboration: They work collaboratively with you, empowering you to actively participate in your own mental health journey. They encourage you to set goals, explore insights, and develop strategies to overcome challenges, fostering a sense of empowerment and ownership over your well-being.

Throughout and after counselling sessions we are your Emotional support: our India’s Top counselors provide emotional support throughout the therapeutic process. They validate your feelings, offer empathy, and help you develop healthy coping mechanisms to manage stress, anxiety, or other emotional difficulties.

We try you to continued professional development: our India’s top most psychometric doctors stay updated with the latest research and developments in the field of psychology. Top counselors engage in ongoing professional development, attending workshops, conferences, and participating in supervision or consultation to enhance their skills and knowledge.

We support Referrals and coordinate you:If necessary, we may refer you to other healthcare professionals or specialists to ensure comprehensive care. Our team coordinate with other healthcare providers, such as psychiatrists or medical doctors, to facilitate integrated treatment when you needed.

India’s Best Online pre and post marriage Helpline:Here is a general overview of how a best online pre and post marriage helpline means we typically works:

India’s best online pre and post marriage counselling organization +pre and post-divorce organization.

We ensure Access and Availability:  The top online marriage helpline sanjeevani is accessible through a website, mobile app, or dedicated hotline number. We operates 24/7 or has specified hours of operation, ensuring availability when our clients need support.

We maintain Confidentiality and Anonymity: India’s best online marriage counselling originization prioritize confidentiality and provide a safe and anonymous environment for you to seek assistance. We promise that your personal information is kept confidential unless there is a risk of harm to yourself or others, as mandated by legal and ethical guidelines.

About our Trained Professionals: sanjeevani is staffed by a team of trained mental health professionals, such as psychologists, counselors, or social workers. Our professionals have the expertise to provide emotional support, guidance, and crisis intervention.

We do Initial Assessment of your personality through your real identity: When you contact the sanjeevani, you may be asked to provide some basic information about yourself and the reason for seeking help. This initial assessment helps the professionals understand your situation and determine the appropriate support to your offer.


One Stop for All Your Mental Health Issues regarding pre and post marriage counselling sessions.

We believe in Quality of pre and post marriage counselling sessions Services. Trusted by 100000+ Healed Clients and the highest rated positive feedbacks, we are ready to provide the best psychologists to you. Get the Best Experience out of Psychotherapy Sessions.

Take your Safe & Secure pre and post marriage counselling session with India’s topmost online counselling organization.

sanjeevani Emphasize the importance of maintaining confidentiality throughout the counseling process.  We   Assure clients that their personal information and discussions will be kept private. sanjeevani Obtain informed consent from the individuals or couples participating in the counseling sessions.   We explain the purpose, goals, and potential outcomes of the counseling process, and ensure they understand and agree to participate willingly. sanjeevani clearly define the boundaries of the counseling relationship, including the roles and responsibilities of both the counselor and the clients. We really set your expectations regarding professional behavior, respect, and non-judgmental attitudes.

Sanjeevani Relationship Counsellor Online

India’s best online pre and post marriage Create a Safe Environment as per your comfort aurora: sanjeevani Foster an atmosphere of trust and safety where our clients feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and concerns. We genially Ensure the counseling space is private and free from distractions, promoting open and honest communication.

The India’s largest online therapy platform. India’s largest online therapy platform sanjeevani typically possess the following qualities:

Sanjeevani best online marriage counselling organization provides Wide Range of Therapeutic Services: our platforms offer a diverse range of therapeutic services to cater to various mental health needs. Online marriage counsellors provide individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, child and adolescent therapy, addiction counseling, and more.

India’s best marriage online Qualified and Licensed Therapists in sanjeevani : our  best online  platform ensure that our  therapists are qualified and licensed professionals. We typically employ psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, and therapists who have undergone rigorous training and hold relevant degrees and certifications in required field.

Our online best marriage platform take care of your Convenience and Accessibility: Online therapy platforms offer the convenience of accessing therapy sessions from the comfort of one’s own home. Sanjeevani use secure video conferencing or chat platforms to connect clients with therapists, eliminating the need for in-person visits and making therapy more accessible to people across different locations.

Best online mental platform User-Friendly Technology: best online marriage platform prioritize user-friendly interfaces and secure technology to ensure smooth communication between therapists and clients. Our online marriage counselling platform provides easy-to-use apps or web-based platforms that facilitate seamless scheduling, communication, and document sharing process very easily.

Online best mental therapist aware of Personalized Approach: India’s largest online therapy platform sanjeevani recognize the importance of a personalized approach to therapy. They match clients with therapists based on their specific needs and preferences, taking into account factors such as therapeutic modality, language proficiency, cultural background, and areas of expertise.

India’s top most therapists maintained your Confidentiality and Privacy which every one of you deserves: Maintaining client confidentiality and privacy is crucial in online therapy. Online marriage counselling platform Employ robust security measures to protect client information and ensure that therapy sessions remain private and secure.     As we promise you!!!

Want to know when to get marry? Deciding when to get married, before decision asks India’s top marriage counsellor for avoiding regret in future.

Want Conflict Resolution Therapy with India’s top most mental health therapist…..?                                

Conflict Resolution Therapy is to help individuals and couples develop effective communication skills, gain insight into the underlying causes of conflicts, and find mutually satisfactory solutions with online mind therapy. Online Mental therapy used to address various types of solutions to your conflicts, including those related to communication issues, power struggles, financial disagreements, parenting conflicts, or differing values and expectations.

During Conflict Resolution Therapy, our online top most therapist or counselor creates a safe and supportive environment for individuals or couples to express their concerns and frustrations. India’s best the therapist assists in identifying the patterns and dynamics that contribute to the conflicts and helps clients develop alternative ways of relating and problem-solving.

Why Sanjeevani Counseling is Different From Others?

Sanjeevani is your trusted partner in your emotional wellness journey. We help you reclaim your beautiful life with healthy and fulfilling relationships. We offer specialised counselling services in India uniquely tailored to address your specific concerns. We help you overcome any personal or interpersonal struggles that you find yourself facing. Our team of top-rated counselors in India are not just highly experienced and seasoned with more than 20 years of experience but also are your compassionate support and guidance through life struggles helping you throughout. We as a team at the most trusted counseling centers in India help you navigate through life’s complexities and find clarity in your struggles. We are your constant support helping you find fulfilment and love into your life.

Single Parent Counselling: Parenting your child single handedly can be really challenging and you might find yourself struggling with it which is completely okay. You might need a supportive space to openly talk about your challenges and find a trusted support that helps you heal. At Sanjeevani, our team of certified counselors and therapists India help you find your balance. Our experienced team offers you the guidance and support that you need and provides you practical tools to develop better parent child relations. We empower you through your single parent journey.

Mid-Life Crisis Counselling: Mid life can be a period of significant life changes including change in family dynamics, career, love life, as well as your emotions can go on a roller coaster ride. So many changes as well as introspection can sometimes become difficult to process through. Our best therapists in India help you explore your emotions, feelings as well as help you identify the underlying issues. We help you navigate through this transition in your midlife by offering you the support and guidance that you need. Our team helps you rediscover your passion and embrace your growth through this transformative phase.

Re-Marriage Counselling: Remarrying can be a tough decision for some as it brings along a lot of challenges. However, With Sanjeevani’s specialised counselling services for your individual challenges, you can thrive and flourish your new life with resilience and love. We help you navigate through your new decision and offer our counselling that fosters open communication, trust, and fulfilment in your relationship. As the best family counsellor in India, we ensure to offer you the right tools and strategies that strengthen the foundation of your marriage and ensure a smoother transition into your married life with your partner.

Family Planning Counseling: Newly married and thinking of starting a family? Our team of reputable counselors for family planning in India can help you make informed decisions. Sanjeevani is one of the most trusted counseling centers in India that offers uniquely tailored counselling services that addresses your unique concerns under the guidance of India’s most experienced and dedicated counsellors. We offer you the right information about all the options available for contraceptives, fertility awareness, as well as parenting readiness. We help you and your partner make confident choices about your reproductive health as well as your future.

Pre-Marriage Counselling: At Sanjeevani, we offer pre marriage counselling services that offer guidance and support to couples who are planning to get married. Our counselling helps them lay a strong foundation for their married life by covering essential aspects of their bond. From countering challenges to building effective communication. Our team of certified counselors and therapists India help couples plan their married life from planning finances to understanding each other and their values along with their expectations from the relationship. Our dedicated counsellors also offer the tools to effectively navigate through any challenge in the marriage with resilience and mindfulness.

Sexual Counselling: If you are facing challenges with your sexual health and performance or facing intimacy issues with your partner, Sanjeevani’s specialised sex counselling can help you navigate through the challenges. Our professional counseling services India help couples facing intimacy issues explore the challenges and address them. We help you improve your sexual function, enhance communication with your partner, explore your sexual identity, as well as address any underlying challenge. Our specialised counselling services offer you the support and guidance with safe and non judgemental space where you can open up about your struggles without any fear of being questioned or judged.

Work-Life Balance Counselling: For overall well being, it is important to create a healthy balance between work and life. Our top-rated counselors in India work with you to identify the concerns and address them with our specialised counselling services with our dedicated and highly seasoned counsellors. We work to identify the source of stress and encourage to prioritise self care and establish boundaries to promote balance and fulfilment in both, your work life as well as your personal life. We also offer practical strategies, support, and guidance to help you navigate through the complexities and have a healthy work life balance.

Parent-Adolescent Relationship Counseling: Adolescence can be a really challenging time for both the teen as well as the parents. We understand the challenges that one might face during this period and offer our specialised counselling services that help you navigate your relationship through this time. We help you foster understanding, open communication, as well as mutual respect within the family dynamics. Our online relationship counselling and guidance helps you navigate conflicts, setting healthy boundaries, as well as strengthening parent teen relationships that promotes better bond as well as harmony.

Elderly Parent Care Counselling: With busy schedules and smaller families, caring for aged parents can present some challenges with the families. However, at Sanjeevani, we offer specialized counseling services India that takes care of your emotional well being by addressing your unique concerns under the guidance of specialised counsellors. We offer you the support and guidance to navigate through issues related to ageing, health, and adult care. We offer you some practical strategies and resources along with compassionate guidance and support to help you navigate through this transition with patience and grace.

Sibling Relationship Counselling: Conflicts in sibling relationships are normal however sometimes it can take a toll on someone’s mental health. It can be abruptive in your family dynamics. But with our specialised sibling relationship counselling services, you can address the issues and heal from them. We help you heal from past wounds, build stronger bonds with your siblings and develop nourishing bonds. Our best family problems counsellor in Delhi helps you resolve conflicts and develop mutual understanding while promoting harmony and fulfilment.

Live-In Relationship Counseling: If you are planning to live together with your partner, you can benefit from Sanjeevani’s live-in relationship counselling services.Our team of best therapists in India offer you the support and guidance that helps you navigate through this change. Our online relationship counselling services help you establish boundaries, define responsibilities and roles as well as navigate through any issues that you might face. We help you build a strong understanding and foundation for your relationship that helps you and your partner thrive together in the long term.

Marriage Refusal Counselling: Marriage refusal from the other side or refusal from your son or daughter, we are here to help the families going through it find compassionate assistance. Our top rated counselors in India help and support you through our specialised counselling services according to your individual requirement. We foster a safe and supportive space where you can openly talk about the issues without being judged. We help with conflict resolution and help you explore your feelings, identify the issues as well as move forward with clarity and confidence.

At Sanjeevani, we have the team of best counsellors as well as the best relationship counsellor in Pune who are dedicated towards helping you establish mental and emotional well being. We offer specialised counselling services which address your unique concerns under the guidance of finest and most experienced counsellors who have over 20 years of experience in their domain. We help you thrive and flourish in your life overcoming challenges in any aspect. We are here to accompany you on your journey towards a more fulfilling and emotionally well life.


Why Should I choose sanjeevani?

Because our qualified and experienced therapists who specialize in couples therapy. Our professionals have the knowledge and skills to address a wide range of relationship issues effectively.


Sanjeevani provides highly result oriented services , our top most counsellors provide no time bound sessions always .we provide the facility to talk or chat with the counsellor directly , so the clients directly approach with counsellors.


We are highly reputed counselling organization in India, understand that every couple is unique, and so we provide personalized treatment plans based on individual needs. We take the time to understand your specific concerns and tailor your approach to help you and your partner work through your challenges.

How do India’s best online marriage websites work?

India’s best online marriage websites allow individuals to create profiles, provide personal information, and search for compatible partners based on their preferences. The websites use various algorithms and matching techniques to suggest potential matches based on shared interests, values, and other criteria. We provide non-judgemental and no time limit services as per your dream services.

What are the benefits of best online marriage counseling?

  • We always take care of your Convenience: You can access counseling from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating the need for travel.
  • We always take care of your Privacy: our counseling provides a discreet environment, ensuring your discussions remain confidential.
  • We always take care of your Accessibility: we are accessible to couples who live in remote areas or have limited access to traditional counseling services.
  • We always take care of your Comfort: Some couples feel more at ease opening up about their issues in the familiar surroundings of their home.

How do I choose the best online marriage counseling website?

Consider the following factors: Credentials: Ensure the website employs licensed and experienced marriage counselors or therapists like sanjeevani. Security and privacy: Check that the platform guarantees secures and encrypted communication to protect your confidentiality like we do. User reviews and testimonials: our reviews and feedback from previous clients to get an idea of the website’s effectiveness. Pricing and packages: our convenient costs and available counseling packages to find one that suits your budget and needs.

Are online marriage websites reliable?

The reliability of best online marriage website sanjeevani depends on our transparent services. Sanjeevani is reputable and well-established platform with a proven track record of successful online counselling sessions. Read our users reviews and quoras can also give you insights into the website’s reliability.

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