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Relationship counselling is a sort of psychotherapy that is also known as couples therapy or couples’ counselling. Couples of all types can benefit from this type of counselling since it enables them to investigate, acknowledge, and overcome difficulties in order to strengthen their relationships and interactions. You can be given the tools to make meaningful and intentional decisions about your relationship through counselling.

We understand how difficult it may be to find a decent relationship counsellor that is both accessible and knows your unique circumstances. But it’s simple when you’re with us. We are India’s best counsellors since we are DMIT-certified and offer adequate services.

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All relationships have ups & downs. But how these relationships are handled determines whether they will last or not. In our extensive experience, we have observed couples, especially the Millenials, often experience more friction & clashes in their relationships.

The reasons for such frictions can be anything, from Social, Economical or something totally random. If not taken care of effectively & professionally, these issues can have severe consequences. In our experience, we have witnessed that couples take too long to realise they need relationship counselling. They think of taking help from the best relationship counsellor as taboo, especially in a country like ours. But any delay in such cases is always too much delay. So it’s better to connect with the best relationship counsellor near you for the right guidance.

What is Relationship Counselling?

Known as “Couples Therapy” or “Couple’s Counselling” in a non-medical term, Relationship Counselling is a specially designed psychotherapy for couples. Building on decades of experience, studying thousands of cases & understanding the human psyche by professionals, scientifically advanced counselling can help couples save their relationship.

Every couple struggles with some sort of relationship difficulties. Some accept this fact, others don’, but that doesn’t change the reality. But from a professional point of view, accepting the difficulties & taking help is always a good idea.

We offer one-to-one & professional relationship counselling services. Our services are based on a highly advanced & scientifically proven technique called DMIT. With our services, we can ensure positive results.

What is DMIT?

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test or DMIT is a scientific test that covers fingerprints & brain lobes. This scientific method helps us understand the personality of each individual. We believe the reason for the relationship friction is the lack of understanding. Partners don’t understand their better halves or can’t express themselves freely.

This situation leads to problems. Thankfully, with DMIT, we can analyse each individual differently & help couples understand their partner in a much better way.

DMIT technique is a result of extensive research & development by experts. It fuses the study of Dermatoglyphics, Genealogy, Neuroscience & Psychology to delve deep inside the human brain.

3 signs it’s time to consult a Relationship counsellor

People often find it hard to pinpoint the time to reach out to the best relationship counsellors. We understand this can be not easy, but there are always signs. Here are 3 signs that show now is the time to reach out to relationship experts.

  • You avoid discussing crucial topics.

Some topics or issues cause too much tension between the partners. There is a big possibility that these issues can be resolved by discussing them. But they are so scary that partners tend to avoid talking about them.

If you feel there are some topics you are too scared to discuss on your own, it’s time to consult a relationship expert. These experts will help you eliminate the doubts by opening doors to discussion, resulting in positive outcomes.

  • Your fights go beyond a certain limit.

Small arguments and fights are part of every relationship. But in some cases, these fights go beyond a certain limit. Partners don’t feel like talking anymore & when they talk, it’s all about clashes.

They avoid each other, even while staying in the same home & feel like they are entering into a battle while initiating conversations. If you feel the same way, it’s a sign that you need some help from relationship counselling.

  • The same issues keep coming back.

In relationships, couples often struggle to adjust to their partners initially. But eventually, these issues get sorted & everything gets back on track. But in some relationships, there is not any case.

Old issues keep coming back, hampering a healthy relationship. If you fight with your partner with the same issues repeatedly, it’s a sign you need to see a counsellor before it’s too late.

  • You don’t feel attached to your partner anymore.

Some couples don’t love their partner anymore due to constant fights. But in reality, this might work just because of stress. So if you ever doubt your love for your partner, it’s a sign that you need to consult a relationship counsellor.

Does Relationship Counselling really help?

People often question the effectiveness of Relationship Counselling. The reason is that there is no benchmark to measure the positive effect of counselling. But the truth is, you will get results when you consult a reliable relationship counsellor.

E.g., we have helped hundreds of couples save their relationships by offering them professional relationship counselling & support. Our methods are purely scientific & battle-tested. Being in the field for years & after studying hundreds of individuals, we can surely say, Relationship Counselling works.

How will Relationship Counselling help?

  • You and your partner get much-needed space to discuss the issues that bother you.
  •  DMIT-based therapies from our experts will help you better understand your partner.
  • You will experience a holistic change in your relationship after making subtle changes in your relationship.
  • Our Personalised Relationship Counselling will help transform your relationship into a healthy one.

How to find the right relationship Counsellor?

There are hundreds of therapists who offer Relationship Counselling. But unfortunately, many of them lack the experience, expertise & specialisation needed for better results.

Thankfully, at (name of the company), we have a team of vetted experts with years of experience mending broken relationships. So all you have to do is pick up your phone & book an appointment with us.


Can Relationship counselling stop my divorce?

If you & your partner wish to protect your relationship, Relationship counselling can be really helpful in your ongoing dispute.

Is it possible to mend my broken relationship with Relationship Counselling?

Relationship counselling is generally a suitable choice for relations that are strained & not broken. But if your ex-partner wants to reconcile & you need expert guidance for that, Relationship counselling can be really helpful.

How can I get Relationship Counselling?

We offer top-rated Relationship Counselling services to couples. All you have to do is to give us a call & book your appointment.

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