• According to the pricing structure on the website, Sanjeevani will charge for the services rendered. You agree to pay for the services before using them if you use the ones that are mentioned there as being subject to payment.
  • You further agree not to bring up any disagreement regarding the fee for the services in any way because you agreed to it voluntarily and free from coercion.
  • You further represent that you have read and accepted the Terms & Conditions of the Payment that are presented to you when you proceed to pay for the paid services.
  • Sanjeevani accepts payments from users through third-party payment processors. Orders that are canceled or executed incorrectly due to payment problems are not the fault of Sanjeevani. Although Sanjeevani takes every precaution when working with third-party payment providers, it has no control over its systems, processes, technology or workflows and is therefore not liable for any errors made by these companies.
  • Users have no right or voice to influence the fee that Sanjeevani will charge users, which will be decided solely by Sanjeevani.


Unless already included in the price offered, you agree to pay all applicable taxes, charges, cess, etc. levied on the services being provided to you and announced by the Central/State Govt from time to time.

Compensation Policy

There is no provision for a refund of the fee paid by the User(s) because The Sanjeevani provides services such as counseling, assessment tests, etc. that serve as a genuine guide for the user and are provided as soon as they are accessed. The user(s) is/are deemed to have understood and accepted that there will be no refund of the said fee once it has been paid to the Sanjeevani in accordance with the services utilized or not utilized the deposited money. If counselling cancelled by the sanjeevani due to any reason (non availability of counselor) the full refund would be provided to the client. If due to any reason client cancelled the counselling after deposit money there is a no any kind of refund.

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