Marriage Counseling

Premarital counselling therapy aids in mentally preparing couples for marriage. Our counselling services can help you and your spouse maintain a strong and healthy connection for the rest of your lives. Premarital counselling can strengthen a couple’s relationship before marriage. Premarital counselling helps couples understand each other better.

Getting married? Well, that’s great news! Now that you are going to enter one of the strongest relations on the earth, we would like to congratulate you. But, before you rush into your marriage, don’t you think it’s important to understand your partner? Discuss your life goals? Talk about your beliefs, values, parenting, & family planning?

Pre-Marriage Counselling

Well, it’s possible that you might avoid or forget to sit down and discuss these issues with your partner. All it takes is just to consult an expert for pre-marriage counselling & everything will fall in. But a lot of couples ignore very important steps. This can be a grave mistake that can negatively affect your marriage.

But first, let’s understand what pre-marriage counselling is.

What is pre-marriage counselling?

Pre-marriage counselling is a scientific & structured psychological therapy. This therapy has been devised by professionals over the decades & has been perfected eventually. Backed by experts, psychiatrists & marriage-specialist research, this is a completely scientific process.

Marriage counsellors recommend that couples about to get married undergo this therapy. It can help you understand your partner in a much deeper way.

Why take Pre-marriage Counselling?

Marriage is a long-term commitment & hence it needs a lot of consideration. There are thousands of examples of how couples rush into this lifetime commitment and & a couple of years later, they fall apart. Such tragedies are very painful & can impact the lives of the families involved. The reason behind such drastic ends can be a lack of compatibility, a difference in goals in life, opposing thoughts on children, career or parenting & much more.

Pre-marriage counselling can prove to be very helpful. You can talk about all these topics during counselling sessions with your partner. Pre-marriage counselling gives your enough space to understand these problems & make the right decision.

Such discussions during pre-marriage counselling help you understand your partner better. You get a better insight into your partner’s view on certain topics. Such understanding only strengthens your relationship & can help prevent a lot of clashes in the future.

What are the benefits of Pre-marriage counselling?

Pre-marriage counselling can have a lot of benefits. Here is the list of some major benefits.

  1. Helps in future planning

At Sanjeevani, we offer an open space for couples to discuss their future. We encourage couples to talk more about what are their future goals & ambition. Apart from this, we also assist our clients in future planning. We offer our insight & years of experience that will help you set & achieve realistic goals.

  1. Better Communication

In any relationship, communication is the key. The more you talk to your partner, the better your relationship will be. When you sit down with our pre-marriage counsellors, they encourage you to discuss different issues you might feel uncomfortable about. Such talks improve communication between you & your partner & can prove to be vital in building a good, long-term relationship.

  1. A clear understanding of what you are about to do

Many marriages fall apart because couples feel their partner is very different from what they expected them to be. But if you already have sought help from a professional pre-marriage counsellor, you know what you are about to do. You will have a clear idea about the type of person you are entering into a relationship with, what their family will be like & what type of environment you will be in your new relationship. This makes you well-prepared for what is about to come.

  1. Solve issues before they arise

Pre-marriage counselling allows you & your partner to address different issues. Some topics like money, finance, career & family need to be discussed before the marriage. This can help avoid issues that can arise due to confusion & misunderstanding. Pre-marriage counselling offers ample opportunities for couples to discuss such important topics.

  1. Develop greater understanding

Both the partners in a relationship want to believe that they know their partner better than anyone else. In most cases, this is not true! There are certain aspects of their life that they are reluctant to share. Pre-marriage counselling removes this hesitation so the partners can freely discuss such aspects. So pre-marriage counselling helps in developing a greater understanding between two partners. 

How does pre-marriage counselling work?

Pre-marriage counselling is very simple & interesting. Once you book an appointment with us, we will call you for a session at a decided time. Our counsellor will sit down with you, help you open up about yourself & the talks will start flowing.

Our counsellor will also help you improve your communication by encouraging both of you in the right way. If any of you are anxious about marriage, the counsellor will help you scientifically eliminate that anxiety.

How can we help?

Sanjeevani is the only DMIT-certified pre-marriage counsellor in India. Our team of experts & psychiatrists helps hundreds of couples with their pre-marriage counselling. Our scientific approach will help you prepare better for your marriage.

We will improve the communication between you & your partner, resulting in a better relationship. Puir counsellors here will help you remove all the doubts & confusions you have about the marriage. At Sanjeevani, we are here to help you build a better bonding before marriage. Such bonding can prove to be of great importance after you get married.

So don’t wait up anymore. Pick up your phone & book your appointment now.

Our pre-marriage counselling experts are waiting to assist you.


Is pre-marriage counselling necessary in love marriage?

Of course, it is. You might know your partner but might not have an idea about their family, values & traditions. Counselling helps discuss these issues in detail so you can enjoy a happy married life.

Does pre-marriage counselling really help?

Yes, it does. It helps you improve communication between you & your partner. It helps you discuss serious issues beforehand. Thus it can help you prevent future clashes.

Is pre-marriage counselling a scientific process?

Yes, it is a scientific process, backed by years of experiments on thousands of couples.

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