Life – a rollercoaster ride filled with its share of happy and sad moments. It’s a gift we all get once and thus, it becomes our responsibility to make the most of it.

We have all felt stuck, desolated, alone, or in stress at any point in our lives. It is common and perfectly natural to feel so because every emotion has its place and time in life. Feeling mixed emotions is not the end of the road, but a part of the journey called life.

Thus, one should not feel ashamed or dejected but work towards resolving them with awareness and knowledge to lead a more fulfilled, enriching life filled with balance and inner strength.

In the modern day and age, it can get difficult to find someone who can listen, understand and guide you towards solutions. This is where expert counselling comes into the picture.

With the help and advice of professional counsellors, anyone can overcome difficult situations, manage uncomfortable emotions and get back on a path to happiness and positivity.

At GuideMyLife, we help people in getting access to the best counsellors and trained life professionals. Through our platform, people can connect with expert counsellors online in India to resolve a host of problems and concerns, such as – marriage counselling, career counselling,

The benefits of counselling are immense and it is a healthy way to reduce conflict, resolve disputes, achieve mental health and make the right decisions in life. Whether for yourself or for your partner, or children, online counselling in India is the best way to discover the bright possibilities in life.

Whether you need therapy or advice, you can resolve complicated problems and concerns easily with the online counselling services from GuideMyLife.

We specialize in healing through trust and patience so you can leave a happy, and fulfilled life.

Dr. Kumar

Relationship Counselor & Life Coach

Sanjeevani Relationship Counselling is a team of life counselors/ psychologists/ philosophers/ authors/ senior retired judicial officers/experienced educationists/ lawyers (matrimonial counselors)/ senior medical & health professionals who have work experience with UNO. Dr Kumar is a well known and respected Life Counselor/Life Coach/Happiness coach/ Mentor/Teacher/Psychologist/Author/ Philosopher and career columnist in India. All types of counselling are his passion. Till now he has done more than 1, 00000 counselling (Life/Relationship/Pre Marriage/Post Marriage/psychological/family /Personal). He is a certified Dermatoglyphics expert by Marcus Leng (Malaysia) from The International Institute of Holistic Minds.

He is popular among school students, engineers, doctors, job seekers, graduates, private sector employees, married couple who are always curious to take an appointment with him. He is expert in understanding any one’s problem with heart and providing practical solution upon their souls.

He did his post graduation & graduation in Medicine. He is graduated in Journalism/Counselling/Psychology and MBA from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. He is a Holistic Healer/Life Coach of a person. He is a Reiki & Spiritual/Psychology Healer of any problem in life. MBA (H.A).

He is most popular relationship counselor and life coach among youth and mid-life people also. He has been working as a relationship counselor with different National Print Media/ National Electronic Media like All India Radio, FM Radio, TV, Zee Maudhara channel etc.


Relationship Issues, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Couple Counseling, Sexual Issues, Suicidal Ideation, Grief & Loss, OCD, Sleep Issues, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Family Therapy, Self-Harm, Body Image, Self Confidence, Anger, Phobia, Child Counseling, Marital Discord

Mrs. Beniwal

Mrs. Beniwal is a distinguished relationship counselor with a rich tapestry of 20 years in the field, marked by exceptional achievements and a profound commitment to fostering healthy connections. Her extensive experience has seen her positively impact over 20,000 couples, guiding them towards transformative changes in their relationships.
Professional Expertise: Her counseling approach is a seamless blend of evidence-based techniques, empathetic understanding, and a profound insight into human behavior. Her methodology is rooted in specialized training, particularly in conflict resolution, communication enhancement, and intimacy building. This foundation equips her to address a wide spectrum of challenges that couples often face, allowing her to tailor strategies to meet the unique needs of each individual.
Client-Centric Philosophy: Mrs Beniwal is renowned for her unwavering commitment to client success. Her passion lies in cultivating positive and lasting changes in the lives of the couples she works with. Recognized as a sought-after expert in the field, Her ability to adapt counseling strategies to the specific needs of her clients has set her apart.
Impact and Recognition: Throughout her illustrious career, She has left an indelible mark on the landscape of relationship counseling. Her dedication to fostering healthy connections has earned her widespread recognition. Couples seeking guidance and transformation have consistently sought Her expertise, attesting to the significant impact she has made on their lives.

Mrs Beniwal stands as a beacon of expertise and compassion in the realm of relationship counseling. With a proven track record of success, a wealth of experience, and a client-centric philosophy, she continues to be a guiding force for couples seeking to navigate the complexities of relationships and achieve transformative growth.She use various standards method of international accepted psychology principles in her couple counseling like as NLP , CBT , Sub-conscious mind programming for 100% results achievement.She is very popular in our Govt sector cases and Indian army couple counseling with proven track record of solving issue from roots.She has done maximum NRI couple counseling in our team.Over all she has proved your self 100%.

Bihari Lal Gupta

Lawyer & Relationship Counselor

A former judge, retired from Rajasthan Higher Judicial Service, after having served for 32 years.

He has served on various judicial posts, such as

  • District and Sessions Judge, Karauli,
  • Registrar (Adm.), Rajasthan High Court,
  • Deputy Secretary, Law Department, State of Rajasthan
  • Registrar (Vigilance), Rajasthan High Court
  • Judge, Family Court, Ajmer
  • Judge, Family Court, Kota

He has authored law books and his number of articles have been published in magazines like Sarita, Dharmyug etc. on his experience in resolving matrimonial disputes. After his retirement, he has been providing legal assistance and guidance in  resolving matrimonial disputes.

Mrs. Vinita Mangal

Lawyer & Relationship Counselor

Mrs. Vinita is a Lawyer & Counselling Psychologist with distinction in BA, LLB and MA . She also holds a Diploma in Counselling Skills from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. She has trained in REBT, CBT and NLP therapy techniques. When providing therapy, she uses an electic approach to understand what suits her clients the best. She believes that a blend of different approaches helps her in establishing a good therapeutic relationship with her clients while further facilitating their effective healing process. She primarily uses the Client-Centered approach, Cognitive behavioral therapy, and Narrative Therapy based on the concerns of the clients. She chose Counseling as a career as she rediscovered herself through receiving Counselling, which involved lots of learning and unlearning in the process. It helped her understand how working on self awareness can help in being able to access the numerous perspectives that exist around us and how empathic listening can lead to healing. Apart from Counselling she is a social worker.


Couple Counseling, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal Ideation, Grief & Loss, OCD, Bipolar Disorder, Sleep Issues, Trauma, Narcissistic Abuse, ADHD (Adult), Family Therapy, Self-Harm, Body Image, Self Confidence, Anger, Psycho-Somatic Disorders, LGBTQI, Phobia, Child Counseling, Career Counselling, Eating Disorders, Marital Discord

Dr. Luthra

Behavioral & Relationship Counselor

MA Eng, MA Clinical psycho, M.Ed, PhD in Value and Behavioral science, Coach NLP, Numerologist, Trainer Time And Life Management, DMIT Expert Counselor, Lead Auditor Quality Management Systems, Verified Clinical Psychologist from University of Queensland,Australia.

Dr luthra is a multi potentiality person. She is an edupreneur serving in the relationship counselling industry from 40+ plus years. She is an counselor who has guided almost 50,000+ persons for attaining the best in their lives, have saved many lives by putting a seed of motivation and self confidence. She is also a numerologist and connecting numerology with dermatoglyphics for the first time ever for finding the best suitable alternatives for the people. Dr Luthra is also an author. She has pen down books for Parenting/ Pre Marriage/ Post Marriage e.t.c. She believes that a counselor should always be a learner and she applies the same on her self. She is keen on learning new things everyday at a very decorated stage of her overall career.

Counseling is a life long process since the individual choose an occupation, prepare for it, and make progress in it. Relationship Counselling has to do with knowing their interest, selection of right person in life. Maintain the ultimate aim of getting good relationship as per their emotional behavior. It is concerned primarily with helping the individual to make decisions and choices involved in planning for future relation. According to us Relationship counseling is a personalized process that combines both intuitive and cognitive techniques to help to understand oneself, explore your relationship options. The processes of relationship counseling offer SWOT analysis, insight into feasible relationship options, guidance and support to help individual to understand and manage healthy relationship, professionalism and lifestyle issues.

Points For Behavioral Counseling:

  • 1) It helps in Increasing the person’s engagement in positive environment
  • 2) It offers skills and strategies for overcoming common problems such as anxiety, depression and more.
  • 3) Helps in developing and self-enhancing beliefs for yourself.
  • 4) It helps in addressing your past with a view to understanding how your personal history may be affecting your present day beliefs and behaviors.
  • 5) It highlights prevention of relapse and personal development.

Points For Relationship Counseling:

  • It will allow you think about whether your values are in sync or not.
  • It will help you to be aware about your partner’s personality.
  • It will certainly trigger the sense of equality and respect towards each other.
  • It will evaluate how much effort you’re making to develop and maintain your compatibility, and look at what you can do to grow it together.
  • It will allow to be vulnerable with your partner.
  • It will form some common values and high level of comfort with each other.


Dr Shah is a Consultant Licensed Rehab and Clinical Psychologist, Life Coach, Relationship/couple/family Therapist. She is Graphologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist. She carries a vast experience, spanning more than 15 years in providing psychological counseling, therapies and healing services to adults, children & old people. She herself does meditation regularly since last 20 years. She believes in holistic (soul-mind-body) and balanced life style to remain physically as well as mentally fit. She practices various therapies, arranges innovative workshops and renders lectures on healthy life-style, mental health awareness De-addiction, Stress management in the community, schools and organizations on various online & off line platforms. She has done Ph.D. in Health Psychology, P G Dip in Rehabilitation Psychology, P G Dip in Counseling & Hypnotherapy and Master of Arts in clinical psychology after completing her B.A.M.S.She was awarded “SWASTH SHRI” National Award for her research work done in spirituality & her five research papers have been published in ‘National Journal of Positive Psychology’ and ‘Phonix’ International Journal of Psychology and Social Science’ respectively. She has a keen interest in teaching. She worked as a visiting Psychologist since Nov 2017 till 2022. She is one of the main faculties (For its contact program) for PG diploma in counseling and spiritual health courses of Universities since 2015. She is currently working as a Consultant Rehabilitation Psychologist at NEUROPSYCHE center, as well as at her own clinic, since 2020. Also she has been attached with other clinics for their online clients(Industrial employees)As an expert to stay updated, relevant…she does literature study, attends various webinars, conferences from time to time.


She is young, dynamic, passionate counsellor for couple therapy, she very well understand today’s youngster’s relationship issues. Today’s young generations pre-marital issues are so much complicated because of this generation confusion, this generation wants to do /do not want to do …. It self this generation is very confused… regarding their life decisions… miss. Kathuria is very well versed to solve pre-marital relationship issues of young generation. Online/offline all over India and world also. She has Great interpersonal skills that allow her to collaborate with other healthcare workers. She has dedication for work and passion to succeed with some excellent communication skills, always up for helping people. She completed her graduation in Psychology Hons.Mata Sundri College, she has completed gottman couple therapy from gottman institute , USA, A certified EFT Trainer , she is Member of Umeed Drop Of Hope, she had Contribution for a research project at CCAW, she done her Intern at Fortis Hospital Department of couple’s Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, she Worked in institution psychologist, Volunteered in mental health foundation India event of couples, Participated in Unbottle emotions workshop, member of AIESEC went to Vietnam as Nurturing Young Talent, member of Bye tense clinic , done seminars for rebuilding minds and mind readings of couples , she has Completed a specialised couple’s therapy course, having vast experience of working with various NGO’s in mental health and relationship issues.


She had done PH.D (psychology), global human peace, Master of Arts (psychology) from Himalayan, bachelors in legislative laws from sardar from vallabhbhai Patel University, Anand, Gujarat. She is dermatoglyphics certified counselor from DMIT studio. She is certified in Naturopath (India Nature Cure Federation), Therapeutic Yoga Trainer, Internationally Certified Neuro Linguistic Program Practitioner from GTCCO, Master of Diploma in Acupuncture, Sujok Therapist, Mental Health Advocate and Supporter in pre and post marriage counselling, She has given services for pre and post marriage to couples, pre and post-divorce counselling and private organisations for promoting better brain development of couples through brain activation courses, She served as Health Expert to resolve mental health issues through various Seminars, Programs, Workshops and online sessions throughout India and abroad since past 25 years.

She organized Brain Optimization programs for couples, for enhancement of cognitive abilities & better mental health. She had done fingerprint analysis awareness programs with and provided marriage guidance to more than 25000 people including couples, working women’s, workings men, housewives etc., globally. She Rendered and rendering social services for Rotary clubs for Mental Health Awareness through different competitions, activities, programs, courses etc. at various Rural areas, Slums, Orphanages, Vrudhashram .

She had conduct various Health Seminars, Webinars and Brain optimisation programmes for couples and adults in order to spread awareness to utilise potential power of brain for healthy and progressive Life. She reveal all the parameters through different brain optimisation programs to enhance cognitive abilities, intelligence and behaviour, and emotional development to create a path of getting success in couples Life. Through various Physical exercise she Stimulate body to release endorphins, the ‘good hormones which elevate the mood .Sanjeevani’s vision and passion is that people across the globe live healthy and happy lives by knowing their brain’s potential power and prevent certain mental disorders with proper care & preventive measures. The book ‘Train the Brain’ written by Dr.Adhyaru , published on various platforms like Amazon, flip kart, kindle and various bookshops. The book focuses on various aspects of brain’s functions. It shows different activities and exercises to train the brain, which contribute in enhancing memory, processing speed, logic and analytical skills, comprehension, language, numerical reasoning, lateral thinking, creativity and imagination. She featured as Best Mental Health Trainers in News Channel TV 18 also organized Special Webinars for spreading health awareness, memory enhancement and cognitive development in people on web platforms especially for couples.She receives Brahma Gaurav Award for best contribution to develop life skills as well as multiple intelligences in couples and adults through various programs, she was Awarded “Performance Excellence Award” by Rotary club, Associated with and Being active member of sanjeevani pre and post marriage counselling and pre and post-divorce counselling organization. Her specialized areas are as follows: Mental health Expert, Nutritional programmer, NLP married Life Coach, Yoga Trainer, and aster in Acupuncture. The benefits of brain training are profound in couples and adults. Training the brain boost productivity and motivation enhances peace and mental flexibility. It aids in faster thinking and better reflexes in not only physical activities but in challenging situations that require acumen as well. -Clinical Psychology is a study of normal and abnormal behaviour, anger and stress management, so the application of different relevant tests, therapies, and treatments are provided and providing for various mental disorders and psychological counselling.Brain training reduces the risk of mental illness and can also improve the memory of couples to help them in their life’s and relationship.-The goal is to keep brain cells healthy and stop brain ageing by activating them throughout the Life.-The first step towards training brain begins with understanding the role of each part of the brain and how they are associated with different cognitive abilities to enhance promising healthy and gleeful Life.

Dr. Mehta

Dr. Mehta has worked on thousands of cases in India and abroad involving marriage and relationship counseling over a period of more than 18 years. She did graduation and post-graduation, holds degree of PhD. Dr. Rekha Mehta specialises in marriage and relationship counselling. She is one of the best marriage counsellor who possess the necessary qualification and expertise in the field of couples therapy. They have completed relevant education, training, and certifications to provide effective guidance and support. Her experience is too vast that she resolves every type of barricades coming in couple’s life. She applies unique and a positive approach which is required for every individuals case. Relationships are like children who have to be nurtured and taken care of on a daily basis. She is skilled counsellor who has an excellent communication, she always actively listen to both partners and facilitate constructive dialogue with humble and mesmerising nature. She easily judge and identify underlying issues, mediate conflicts, and also help to improve communication between couples within the relationship. She demonstrates empathy and understanding towards both partners. She really able to see the situation from different perspectives and validate each person's emotions and experiences. She always helps the couples to set achievable goals and provides guidance on how to work towards relationship. She establishes a clear direction for therapy and regularly assesses progress to ensure positive outcomes through relation.


She is one the senior most life Coach and best Marriage Counsellor and Coach in pane India. Most successful Relationship and Marriage Counsellor and Coach who truly understands the complex issues faced by today's young generation when it comes to relationships and marriage. With her youthful energy and passion, she is dedicated to helping couples navigate through their challenges. She knows that this generation is often confused and uncertain about their life decisions, making pre-marital and marital problems even more complicated. Whether online or offline, she offers her expertise to people all over India. She is well-versed in solving the relationship issues that young people face today. She possesses excellent communication skills and has the ability to collaborate effectively with other healthcare professionals. She completed her graduation from CCS University and holds certifications as a Marriage and Relationship Counsellor and coach. As the founder of Blissful Marriage Creation, she has already assisted over 2000 couples in creating a life filled with love and laughter .her vision for society is to reduce the divorce rate, and she is always ready to lend a helping hand with her dedication and passion for her work.

Mrs. S. Gambhir

With a distinguished career spanning over a decade, Mrs. S.Gambhir is a seasoned Certified Counsellor and Psychologist dedicated to fostering profound transformations in individuals from all walks of life. Her journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with a deep commitment to forging genuine connections with her clients.

Throughout her career, she has demonstrated an unwavering passion for helping others navigate life’s challenges and discover their true potential. As a trusted member of “Together We Can,” an NGO at the forefront of combating the Covid-19 pandemic, and through her various affiliations with four other NGOs dedicated to societal betterment, she has leveraged her expertise to provide crucial support during times of crisis.

As a life member of both the Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists Maharashtra and the State Psychologists Association, she is deeply entrenched in the professional community, constantly honing her skills and staying abreast of the latest developments in the field.

Her educational background, including a Master’s in Psychology, a Master’s in Counselling and Psychotherapy, along with additional degrees and certifications, serves as a solid foundation for her practice. Furthermore, her experience as an educator in various capacities, from kindergarten administration to counseling leadership roles in prestigious educational companies, has equipped her with a unique perspective on the complexities of human behavior and development.

At Sanjeevani Guidance and counselling center, she offers comprehensive services ranging from personal issue resolution to relationship counselling, behavioral issue management, and psychometric testing. Her approach is characterized by empathy, personalized attention, and a deep understanding of the diverse needs of her clients.

In addition to her clinical practice, she has conducted numerous workshops and seminars on a wide range of topics, including career guidance, stress management, and effective communication skills. Her commitment to empowering individuals extends beyond the confines of her office, as she actively engages with schools, colleges, and community organizations to promote mental health and well-being.

As a relationship counselor, her mission is not just to resolve conflicts but to foster resilience, empathy, and an authentic connection. She is committed to empowering individuals and couples to unravel complexities, mend broken bonds, and cultivate deeper intimacy. Together, let us embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth, paving the way for a brighter, more fulfilling future.

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