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Choosing a life partner is no easy task, especially as it’s one of the most important decisions one has to make in life. Sady, not every decision is the right one and sometimes rifts can happen between married couples. Things do not always work as intended, and sometimes, differences can lead to the ending of alliances.

Whether you are facing fights, domestic abuse, mental or physical trauma, communication problems, or any other financial, emotional or sexual concern, this is the time when the need for external help through the form of counseling is recommended.

A marriage counselor can understand and empathize with both sides of a married couple’s story and can provide guidance and remedial advice on the basis of their judgment. In many cases, marriage fallouts and divorces can be avoided by amicably resolving the disputes between a married couple.

Relationship Counselling Online

Seeking the help of a professional can help married couples connect better, and forge a deeper bond by resolving issues.

Consulting a marriage counselor online with GuideMyLife can help you overcome common marital troubles and achieve compatibility and stability with your spouse.

Getting married is one of the most crucial decisions that you will ever make in your life. It’s a relationship that’s destined to last forever, but not in all cases. Unfortunately, some marriages witness bitter ends in a couple of years. The reasons can be anything from compatibility, relationship, family, or physical intimacy problems.

So what can you do before or during marriage to help keep your marriage cheerful & stop it from breaking apart? Well, it’s very simple. All you have to do is consult the best marriage counsellor for the right advice & best marriage counselling. This can definitely have a very positive impact on your relationship.

But, exactly what is marriage counselling? Can marriage counselling really help? Should you take marriage counselling even if you don’t have any serious relationship issues?

Well, let’s take a look.

What is Marriage Counselling?

Marriage Counselling or Couple Therapy is one of the most advanced & scientifically proven methods to solve disputes between couples. It is designed by relationship experts & marriage counsellors after decades of extensive research. These experts evaluated the psychology of thousands of couples to arrive at a definitive system that works like a charm.

Best couple therapy can help couples understand each other much better. Such marriage counsellings also offer couples a much-needed space to discuss their issues. We have often observed during our counselling sessions that more than 50% of the issues can be solved via talking.

In short, our couple therapy can help couples resolve fights, end conflicts & eliminate disputes. This ensures your relationship will grow over time & you will never feel apart from your partner anymore.

5-reasons why Marriage Counselling is important

  • Improves Communication

Communication becomes difficult in the modern world, where both partners are busy with their professional lives. And once the communication deteriorates, the relationship deteriorates quickly. So the best way to save relationships is to talk. And that’s what Marriage Counselling offers. Couples can freely & talk more during sessions, improving communication.

  • Helps understand partners better

When you are not living with someone under a single roof, it becomes difficult to understand them completely. So when you marry someone you don’t understand, issues grow & troubles start knocking at your doors. Thankfully, our marriage counsellor can help couples understand each other much better. Such an understanding can prove very helpful in the long run as it can prevent a lot of disputes & fights.

  • Clears misunderstanding

One major reason couples fight amongst themselves is multiple misunderstandings. When both the partners hail from different environments & live under one roof, misunderstandings are common. But marriage counselling can help eliminate these misunderstandings & clear the air between the two. This is very vital to help a healthy relationship grow.

  • Puts you in your partner’s shoes

Whether you are a husband or a wife, placing blame on your partner is easy. Let’s be honest; we all have done this! But sometimes, it’s important to understand the context of why your partner is behaving in the way he is behaving. Marriage counselling puts you in your partner’s shoes & helps you see through their perspective. This can boost the confidence & trust you place in your partner 7 improve your relationship.

Who should take marriage counselling sessions?

The important question is, do you really need marriage counselling? Well, in most cases, whether there are big fights or not, marriage counselling always helps. So especially if you tick any of the below checkboxes, you should definitely take marriage counselling sessions.

  • If you feel your partner is not always available emotionally
  • If you constantly disagree with your partner on all of the important life issues
  • If there a financial issue is causing a rift between you two
  • If family problems are causing issues between you & your partner
  • If your partner is suffering from any substance abuse (drugs, alcohol etc.)
  • If you keep fighting with your partner on the same issue again & again
  • If you are struggling to keep your marriage together
  • If there is a possibility of an extra-marital affair on any side

If you check any of the boxes above, it’s time to pick up your phone, dial our number & book your appointment straight away.

How can we help?

Sanjeevani is India’s first, foremost & only relationship/marriage/post-marriage/ Breakup counsellor who can guide you to a better path for saving your relationship. We are India’s only DMIT-backed relationship counselling provider.

We have a team of relationship experts, psychologists & marriage experts who have years of experience helping estranged couples. In fact, 84% of the couples who have visited us choose to stay together after our counselling.

Our scientifical methods have been tried & tested over decades, ensuring positive results for almost every couple. We strictly adopt a scientific approach to achieve the best results for our clients.


How does it work?

After taking our counselling, couples feel that their emotional bonding has improved. Positive emotional bonding affects physical & mental relations in a great way. So with such couple counselling, you can also enjoy better physical & mental wellness.

We talk to couples separately & also talk to them collectively. Some initial sessions might be full of shouting & fights, but once the flow goes on, couples feel more attached. Our counselling helps couples analyze the good, the bad & the worst they have in their relationship.

In short, our therapy assists couples in identifying & eliminating their problems for healthier relationships.

Whether you are married or planning to do so, it’s always good to seek the right guidance. However, some issues in relationships cannot be solved automatically. So the quicker you seek help, the better choices you can make in life.

So don’t think twice; connect with us & book your session now.


1. Is couple therapy scientific?

Yes, of course. It’s backed by extensive research by professionals & psychologists.

2. Does marriage counselling really work?

84% of our clients have stayed together after taking our sessions. So yes, marriage counselling really works if you have access to the right couple counsellor.

3. Should I consult a marriage counsellor before marriage?

Yes, it’s better to consult a marriage counsellor before making such an important decision.

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