Post-Marriage Counselling

Sessions with you and your spouse, sometimes together, sometimes separately, are part of post-marriage counselling. It’s critical that you and your spouse both recognize this and are willing to work together to improve your marriage. You and your partner must be willing to learn new things about one other and your relationship. Both of you must be willing to discover new methods to communicate with one another, which is where our counsellors can help. We assist you and your partner in accepting responsibility, identifying behavioural patterns, and working on them with full commitment and support. We are India’s best counsellors since we are DMIT-certified and offer adequate services.

Marriage is one of the most sought-after yet most complex relationships. When you find someone & feel an instant connection, it’s easy to imagine a happy life post-marriage. But, unfortunately, life after marriage is not as rosy as some random bollywood movies.

The first issue you face is compatibility when you start living with someone. When two people, who belong to different families, and have had different upbringings, different childhood, & different environments, start living under the same roof, disputes will arise.

These issues might not be visible at the beginning of the relationship. This might be due to excitement or not knowing your partner to the core before marriage. But as time elapses, you might feel the love between you two disappears. What once was a beautiful relationship might feel like a prison or a trap.

Moreover, the behaviour of partners does change after a certain period. This might be due to financial, social or physical issues.

And if you live in a joint family, compatibility issues will be rampant. This is because the wife will have to come in sync with the partner and the family members. This can feel tricky sometimes. Some issues become so big that they might even threaten the relationship between husband & wife.

That’s the reason why Post-marriage counselling is important. Help from the best Post-marriage counsellor can save your relationship & blossom the love again.

But what exactly is Post-Marriage Counselling? Let’s understand.

What is Post-marriage Counselling?

Post-marriage Counselling is a scientific method developed by professionals to help struggling couples after marriage. It’s a form of psychotherapy that has repeatedly proven its worth with scientific proof.

Marriage therapists offer this therapy, which specializes in helping married couples with their day-to-day issues. The post-marriage Counselling process is backed by years of research by prominent psychiatrists, marriage experts & doctors.

This time-tested method is very efficient & we have helped hundreds of married couples save their marriages using it.

But how to reckon that you need a marriage counsellor? Let’s find out.

4-signs it time for Post-marriage Counselling

We understand you might find it difficult to decide whether it’s time to consult a post-marriage counsellor. Even today, marriage counselling is considered taboo in India. This is because couples are always afraid of how society will perceive them when people come to know about their relationship issues.

But, don’t bother about them. Instead, if you see any of the below 4 signs, consult the best post-marriage counsellor immediately.

  1. Lack of intimacy

This is the most common issue faced by a lot of couples. After spending an eventful, love-filled & intimate relationship, the intimacy seems to disappear. Arguments & fights take the place of hugs & kisses. It seems like love is disappearing between the two & space increases.

The physical intimacy disappears, too & the physical & mental distance replaces the intimacy. This is a big sign that you must consult the best marriage expert to save your relationship.

  1. Awkward Silence

Couples chit-chatting and sticking to their phones before marriage is a common sight. But as they start living together, they might experience their partner in a different way than what they had expected previously.

Sometimes, a couple finds it difficult to find a common topic they can discuss. This might result in awkward silence. They find it hard to even talk for a few moments, unlike what they used to do for hours.

If you, too, are facing such a similar issue, awkward silence reigns & you don’t feel the same attraction as you used to, it’s time to get in touch with a Post-marriage expert.

  1. A third individual

After the interesting & charming few first years of the marriage are over, many people indulge in extra-marital affairs. The sword cuts both sides as anyone, husband or wife, could have such an extra-marital affair.

This is one of the most dangerous situations. The reason is that such affairs are morally, socially & legally wrong. Such situations can end your marriage & can ruin multiple lives if you have children. So if you even doubt that your partner has an extra-marital affair, do not waste any more time. Consult our post-marriage expert right away.

  1. If children are the only reason you are sticking

No matter how stiff a couple’s relationship is, they both have unconditional love for their children. Children strengthen the bond between couples. But if the children are the only reason you stick together, it’s time to rethink your decision.

It’s time to consult a marriage expert for the right guidance.

How does Post-marriage counselling help?

Post-marriage Counselling offers an open space for you & your partner to talk about the issues that bother you. It can help you in the following ways:

  • Managing expectations

Expectations are the root cause of 99% of fights between couples. So having a post-marriage consultation gives you clear insight into what you should expect from your partner. Once you manage expectations, issues can be resolved.

  • Finding the root cause

Sometimes, the couple keeps fighting over everything, ignoring the root cause. But, if they can identify the root cause, they can easily eliminate it & enjoy a happy life. And that’s exactly what our post-marriage counsellors do.

  • Ending Fights

Talking openly about the issues, discussing them freely & finding the right solution is the best option to end post-marriage fights. Consulting a marriage expert will help you do that & end the fight.

  • Better communication

As mentioned, sometimes couples find it hard to communicate. A professional post-marriage expert will help you find common ground for better communication.

How to find the right post-marriage counsellor?

Finding a post-marriage counsellor is super easy. All you have to do is click on this link & book an appointment with us. We have years of experience & a team of marriage experts who can help you solve your marriage troubles easily.

So don’t wait; connect with our experts right away.

Why choose Sanjeevani?

Sanjeevani is only India’s first scientific relationship/marriage/post-marriage/ Breakup counsellor with years of experience. We are the only DMIT-certified marriage counsellor in India with extensive experience in couple therapy. Our specialists have helped hundreds of couples save their relationships with proper guidance & counselling.

If you too, are looking for some relationship counselling, Sanjeevani is the only place you need to visit.


1. Does Post-marriage counselling really work?

If you select the right expert & follow their guidelines, post-marriage Counselling can do wonders.

2. Is post-marriage Counselling successful?

Almost 80% of the couples we offer our services stay together after our Counselling. Without Counselling, they would have ended their marriages.

3. Can a post-marriage counsellor prevent my divorce?

A post-marriage counsellor can help you identify issues in your relationship & methods to eliminate these issues. If you follow them, there is a big chance you can save your marriage.

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