Experiencing Low Sexual Drive? Here Is Everything You Need To Know!

Maintaining healthy intimacy and sexual desire in a relationship especially in a world where we find it challenging to take out time is really difficult. Today, many couples face challenges in maintaining intimacy in their relationship due to various reasons. One major reason can be low sexual drive which is often stated as hypoactive sexual desire disorder also called HSDD. It is one of the most common challenges faced by couples of all ages and backgrounds. These can pose diverse challenges in a relationship along with being a result of many issues. However, at Sanjeevani, we have the team of the best sex therapist in India who understand and offer their expertise to target all kinds of intimacy issues. Our team addresses each issue with great sensitivity and offers our support throughout the process. With our online relationship counselling sessions, our top rated counselors in India, we offer tools and strategies to effectively cope with the challenge and help couples reignite the lost flame back into their relationship.

Understanding the Cause With Sanjeevani:

Multiple factors can lead to low sex drive in individuals which may vary from person to person. Sexual intimacy is a very personal and subjective experience for everyone which may be disrupted by different reasons. According to the best sex therapist Delhi, factors like fatigue, stress, hormonal imbalances, conflicts within the relationship, mental health issues, as well as many other factors can be reasons for low sex drive. The decrease in libido can greatly affect the relationship thus it is important that the couple must seek support through therapy and counselling to combat such issues. At Sanjeevani, our team of top rated counselors in India for sexual issues utilise a series of thorough assessments as well as tests to identify the root cause and address the issues under the guidance of the best sex therapist in India.

Addressing Low Libido In Couples

Open Communication:

The one primary step to combat any issue within a relationship is communication and with effective communication, couples can effectively address low sexual desire. At Sanjeevani, our team of qualified psychologists in India encourage open discussions where couples can freely open up about their feelings, desires, as well as concerns within a safe non judgemental space. We ensure that couples easily share everything they need to say and understand each other. We also offer our guidance and support along with effective strategies that help couples express their needs and desires with ease and comfort.

Exploring Sensate Focus:

This is one of the therapeutic techniques that involves non sexual touch and exploration of each other’s bodies which greatly enhances intimacy and arousal. Our specialised best sex therapist in India guides couples through this exercise which helps them reconnect on a physical and emotional level without any sense of pressure and performance. This exercise helps couples rebuild their intimacy along with trust. This helps couples into a more loving and fulfilling sexual relationship with their partners.

Addressing Relationship Issues:

Unresolved issues and conflicts in a relationship can greatly impact the sexual intimacy in a relationship. Thus, at Sanjeevani, our team of best sex therapists in India work with couples to address any underlying issues or conflicts within the relationship to improve the bond and overall fulfilment in the relationship. According to Sanjeevani’s certified and experienced sex counsellors, working on the bond and fostering trust, understanding, and empathy in the relationship can create a supportive and conductive space for intimacy in the relationship.

Exploring Alternative Forms of Intimacy:

Intimacy goes beyond just physical bonding but also connection on a more spiritual, emotional, and intellectual level. Thus, at Sanjeevani, our top rated counselors in India encourage couples to foster a deeper form of intimacy with their partners. Engaging in alternative forms of intimacy like kissing, cuddling, along with doing some activities together can foster a deeper and more passionate and emotional form of connection with your partner. Couples can definitely broaden their definition of intimacy and find and do activities that both of them equally enjoy and get to connect on a deeper level.

Individual and Couples Therapy:

In some cases, where couples can’t get a way back into their intimacy through themselves, a well planned and structured individual or couple therapy under the leadership of the best sex therapist in India at Sanjeevani can help. Our sex counselling sessions address the cause and work on building a deeper emotional, and intellectual bonding. We address the psychological issues with expertise and form personalised therapy plans that are tailored according to each client’s needs. We align our counselling plans with evidence based interventions and support you throughout the process.

Embracing Sexual Wellness:

Sanjeevani is one of the most trusted counselling centers in India where you can get all the help you need to lead an emotionally healthier and happier life. We believe in promoting sexual wellness and empowerment for individuals as well as couples. We undertake diverse processes including education and support to help you embrace your sexuality and indulge in safe and fulfilling sexual experiences with your partner.

Low libido can be a challenging issue for couples but it is important to remember that help is there for you. We at Sanjeevani offer you the help and support that you need to lead a sexually healthier and fulfilling life. Our specialised sex therapist delhi are highly experienced with great expertise and compassion. Our comprehensive online sex counselling helps you navigate through the complexities and reignite passion and intimacy back into your relationship.

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